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In which direction are you travelling?

I see people travelling everyday. By bus, bike, car, train or tube, ferry, boat or plain. But where are they going? To work or university? Or maybe on a trip around the world? Rather the former.   Every morning people are rushing through London’s crazy traffic. A...

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Teach English in Cambodia – English teacher wanted!

Join our team and teach English in Cambodia for free - One of the best volunteer abroad programs - Information about the Volunteer and Teach English in Cambodia Program and about the school you will be supporting   The school we are cooperating with is a humanitarian...

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10 lessons you may learn while teaching English abroad

Teaching English is one of the skills that many students forget they may have. After all, growing up or studying in an English speaking country doesn’t really enlighten people about the possibility of teaching the language. It usually takes more than that to inspire...

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How to travel around Fiji and what to do

There are a range of ways on how to travel around Fiji and what to do! There are a bunch of exciting things to do in Fiji, and not only that – the country is a vibrant paradise imbued with relaxation. Meaning, whether you’re the type of person who travels so they can...

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Popular food in Cambodia: Cambodian Street food explored!

Traveling in Southeast Asia can be very adventurous and exciting! One of the main things you need to check out is definitely the food in Cambodia. Have you ever wondered what to eat in Cambodia? Read on and you will find 8 traditional Cambodian food dishes you MUST...

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Things to consider when traveling Cambodia

There are a few interesting facts about Cambodia you should consider before traveling to this beautiful country.    You're planning a trip to Cambodia? What do you already know about the country? What's the Cambodian currency? What's the food like and how does the...

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Things to know about the Turkish people

Check out those super interesting things to know about Turkish people, their Turkish tea and the Turkish culture in general!   Turkey seems to be an entire different world which operates on a system that's unfamiliar to people who are not part of it. I have many...

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My Experience Traveling around Bali

My Experience Traveling around Bali has taught me many things. We delay making important choices when we’re on the edge of uncertainty. Whether it’s a last-minute trip, a move abroad, or a new job. Those who stand on the edge of that uncertain cliff, and take that...

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Join the team – Work as a travel agent

Become an awesome travel agent and work with World Study Travels   What is going to be your job? Establishing, maintaining and expanding customer base (summer schools, secondary schools, primary schools etc.)  Reaching the targets and goals set. Actively driving and...

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Join the team – Work as a tour guide

Become an awesome tour guide and work with World Study Travels   What is going to be your job? You will escort groups around sites, giving information about history, purpose, architecture, or other points of interest.  You will be working mostly on weekends, sometimes...

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