First of all, why am I doing a car rental review in Perth? 

As an independent travel agent there are a lot of companies who try to work with me. But not many companies are reliable or offer first class services. So, here is my car rental review on one of the top car rental companies in Perth, Western Australia. 


My experience with a budget car hire in Perth


Just recently I had an incident which was this: A couple from Perth (WA, Western Australia) requested to hire a camper van. They wanted to travel around WA with their baby over the holiday period. Great. That’s AUS$60 / day for a camper van including a baby seat and other gear they would have needed to have a full-on camping experience around Australia.

The company promised the quote, the customer PAID, and it was all set and done. Unfortunately the company got back to me and decided that they are short on camper vans around Australia and therefore need to double the quote. That’s now AUS$120 per day, instead of $60. Excuse me, what?!

Well you can only imagine how upset the customer was (and I!). Clearly they weren’t happy with this and we tried to find an alternative, however, any other alternative was even more expensive now, because we approached the travel date.

The company refused to stick with the given quote, the customer refused to pay the new price. The end result was me, being bombarded with messages for about 3 months, (Facebook, Whats App & Email!) by the customer how upset they were and were threatening to sue me. Halleluja!

At the end of the day I fired my customer and the company I was collaborating with, which led me to look for new partners.


Car Rental Perth – Review on Aries Car Rental 


I did some research and found Aries Car Rental in Perth. I flew over and hired a car. The procedure was a delight. I requested the car two days before my arrival, they picked me up in time from the air port and dropped me off again as well.

Communication with the sales team was top-notch! I even hit the car on the side (as you can see on the cover picture). It was a brand new car and I hit a pole. I felt like a complete idiot, but hey, those things happen, so let’s see how the company handles the situation.

They took it fairly easy and also said, that those things happen, and that we would sort it out later when I come to the office to drop the car off, and for now I shall continue to drive safe. What a delight as well. I was super worried to have hit a brand new car, and to have damaged to relationship with a potential partner already- but there was NO reason to be worried.

They treaded me nicely, like every customer wished to be treaded in those situations. They explained to me exactly what I need to pay, (and what not) and it wasn’t bad at all.

Their service and team are amazing, you can hire a car as little as AUS$25 / day.

I can highly recommend to go with Aries Car Rental, it’s my new favourite budget car hire in Perth. I don’t have an agreement with them to send them clients, so there is nothing in it for me to send you to this company. 

This is a 100% honest review on car rentals in Perth and you can trust my word, as always. 

Get in touch with me if you are looking for a more personalised travel consultation or a customised itinerary for your travels. 


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