I see people travelling everyday. By bus, bike, car, train or tube, ferry, boat or plain. But where are they going? To work or university? Or maybe on a trip around the world? Rather the former.


Every morning people are rushing through London’s crazy traffic. A quick stop at the bakery to get some caffeine in their blood. On the run- to catch the already overloaded tube, bumping into every second person on the pathway. Excuse me? – No time. Packed like sardines they are standing face to face, starring in each other’s moody faces. Or not. Eye contact is not really a thing here.


Eventually you got to arrive in time at a place where other people will tell you for at least the next 8 hours what to do. Are they coming back the same way? – Yes, of course. It’s the same journey, day by day. I called it stuck in the Matrix.


Take a step back- and breath. Leave the Matrix for a while. You will be surprised what you are missing out on.


I’m hanging out at the airport. Where I am flying to, I don’t know yet. People-watching. One of my favourite occupations. Where does that guy dressed in a nice black suit opposite mine fly to? Maybe he is going to make the business deal of his life. Maybe not.


Do we even know where we’re going? Do we like the places we are going to?


“Time travelling for me were the best months of my life. I could wake up and go anywhere I wanted, alone or with friends and I had no time constrains to stop me. I quiet often swapped groups that I was travelling with and joined others. At one point I dropped all my plans and took a completely different route because I was offered a dirt cheap bus in the other direction that I couldn’t refuse. I have never experienced that type of freedom anywhere else.”

– unknown. You get the point.


I love waking up in the morning, not knowing what’s gonna happen. Who I am gonna meet.
 Another world is possible.
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